Download the DRM-Log Plotter

With Maidenhead input

(Works with Dream V2.1)

Installation procedure for Win 8.1 and Win 10 (Build 10240)
15th October 2015

VERSION 14.06 (Full)
Previous Version

Get the Freeimage DLL


TX SITES 2018-08-10


173 sites

11990 Tamsui (TWN)
 9700 Tamsui (TWN)








Download the DRM-Log Plotter
The DRM-Log Plotter Ver. 15 main window

DRM-Log Plotter, Version 21.0 (18th November 2017, build 21.0.0)

In the version 21 of the DRM-Log Plotter the Maidenhead Grid Locator can be written to "My Locations" in the DRM-Log Plotter. Goto SetUp / Receiver Coordinates / Change which opens the My Locations window. Write the Maidenhead Grid Square Locator in the "Add Location" field. The locator should be of the format "AB12cd". Press the "Convert" button and the Latitude / Longitude coordinates will be added automatically. This way you will get the actual distance and azimuth to the transmitter site.

Write the Maidenhead Locator and press Convert

Details how to set up DReaM with the KiwiSDR can be found here:

The zip package contains the drmplotter.exe Version 21.

Download the DRM-Log Plotter 21 (Zip File 225 kb)


DRM-Log Plotter, Version 20.0 (22nd August 2017, build 20.0.0)
An upgrade that enables easy access to Gospell's GR-216 DRM Logs from the Set-Up Menu.

The zip package includes the S-MeterFileConverter.exe.

Download the DRM-Log Plotter 20 (Zip File 230 kb)

Additions to the previous version of the DRM-Log Plotter (Ver. 14.06), new from Version 15.05 (17th October 2013)
In this version there were some new features in "Set-Up". Look for "Default Audio Plot Thickness" and check the "Always Plot Audio Thin", if you want to plot Audio with the thinnest line as default. It is possible to switch to thick, but the thickness in this state is "2", not "3" as in the Ver. 14.06.

The Doppler curve has been changed to a logarithmic scale instead of the linear scale. This allows for the plotting of higher Doppler values than before.

The "zero" line is 0.1 Hz; that is the lowest value Dream software records. The 1 Hz falls on the dot-dashed grid line and so does 10 Hz (in the second decade, though there is no "10" in the plot to mark it). The scale itself ends at 5 Hz. There are some additional options in Set-Up to limit the Doppler scale. There is also an Auto-scale checkbox there. If checked, each log sets the Doppler maximum according to the Doppler value read from the log.

Important change in Ver.15.05 over Ver.15: An error in changing My Locations fixed.


DRM-Log Plotter, Version 14.06 Full Version (31st March 2013, build 990.140.6)
The full ZIP File includes the DRM-Log Plotter, the TX Sites, the ReadMe file and the Local Help File with all images. Plots Files from DReaM, DRM Software Radio, Newstar DR111, SoDiRa and also includes a DreamCalc Emulation

NEW FOR TWITTER: Send Tweets, Compose custom tailored Tweets, Search functions for #drmlog and #DR111 as well as options to compose search words in Twitter.

Download this version if you want to have the Help File installed on your PC. Then download Ver. 16.21 above.

Download the DRM-Log Plotter Version 14.06 zip file (Full version, 958 kb).


Notes on downloading the DRMTRANSMITTERSITES.TXT:
When you download the DRM-TX list from the DRM-Log Plotter (TX Sites  --- >  Update) you will be prompted to proceed or quit. If you decide to proceed, the DRM-Log Plotter will download the latest TX Sites file from the web, compare it to your local TX Sites file and add the entries it could not find on your computer. The entries you might have added yourself will be left as they are. No TX Sites will be deleted.


When you execute the DRM-Log Plotter you might get a runtime error 339:
The message may read COMDLG32.OCX (or MSCOMCTL.OCX.) is missing or not properly registered. The file (or files) should be placed in your C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM or C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32. These can be downloaded free from Microsoft.


A copy of the Freeimage.dll can be downloaded here:

Copy it to c:\drmplot\

Download the Freeimage.dll (892 kb).

How to install the DRM-Log Plotter on Win 8.1 or Win 10

1. Copy DRM-Log Plotter to C:\DRMPlot. Do NOT put it in any other directory!
1.1. Run the DRM-Log Plotter once and close it without doing anything else. Various directories will be generated.
1.2. Copy the drmtransmittersites.txt to the same directory.
1.3. Install FreeImage.dll (find it on the DRM-Log Plotter download page). Move the file to the C:\DRMPlot folder. There is no need to register this dll.
2. Copy comdlg32.ocx to C:\DRMPlot. You must register this file before you can use it otherwise you will get the "Error 339: comdlg32.ocx is missing or invalid".
2.1. Right-click on START and click Command Prompt (Admin). You must register the file using Admin rights.
2.1.1. Click YES to go on after the pop-up message "Do you want to allow..."
2.2.2. Type 'C:\windows\system32\regsvr32.exe C:\DRMPlot\COMDLG32.OCX' (without the quotation marks) and press ENTER. DO NOT CLOSE the Command Prompt window.
2.2.3. If everything is OK a message appears saying the registration was successful.
3. Copy mscomctl.ocx to C:\DRMPlot. You need to register this file too, otherwise you will get the "Error 339: mscomctl.ocx is missing or invalid".
3.1 In the Command Prompt, type 'C:\windows\system32\regsvr32.exe C:\DRMPlot\COMDLG32.OCX' (without the quotation marks) and press ENTER.
3.1.2. If everything is OK a message appears saying the registration was successful.
4. Now is the time to start the DRM-Log Plotter for the first time.
5. Click Set-Up, click Change nickname, and enter your Nickname, click OK. A message box appears. Click OK.
5.1. Write a Profile to describe your receiver etc. and click Add Profile. Double-click on the Profile.
6. Add your Location: In Set-Up click "Change" in "Receiver Coordinates".
6.1. Write your city name in "Add Location" and add the Latitude and Longitude and click "Add".
6.1.1. Click on the location name in the list and click "Select". Close the Location window.
7. Run DRMPlot if it is not already running. The application works.
8. Perform an Update to get the necessary files.
8.1 Select a file from "Select Main Log". The log appears in the plot window.
9. Press "Screenshot". An error message will pop up if the Nickname has not been set.
9.1. An error message will also pop up if the FreeImage.dll is missing, but the screenshot will be saved as a BMP picture which you could convert in Paint or a similar application. If the FreeImage is in the DRM-Log Plotter's directory the BMP file is automatically removed from the file list when the PNG file is created.


Download the DRM Log Editor 3.0.3

The DRM Log Editor 3.0.3 main window
DRM Log Editor Ver. 3.0.3
The DRM Log Editor can be used to adjust the log start time stamp in a log, change the the log's date or to set a new frequency if it was mistyped in Dream, if this should be necessary for some reason or another. An application for this can be downloaded free from here:

Download the DRM Log Editor Ver. 3.0.3 zip file (13 kb).

The DRM Log Editor Ver. 3.0.3 has been tested with DRM-Log Plotter versions 14.06 and up. It can be used with a single log or multiple logs (up to 99 logs). The zip file includes a short tutorial. The application is straight-forward. If any problems, please e-mail to the address given in the text file.

This is what you need to do, in this order:

  1. You have logged and saved a transmission and after playing it back with Dream you got the wrong start time in the txt and csv files
  2. You might have mistyped the frequency in Dream  
  3. First start the the DRM-Log Plotter
  4. Update the log(s) you have recorded with Dream and press "Show Logs"
  5. Now start the DRM Log Editor
  6. Click on "Load File"
  7. Click on the file you need to adjust in either of the lists in the Editor
  8. Adjust the time (or date, or both) or frequency
  9. Press the "Modify" button
  10. In the DRM-Log Plotter, click the button "Show Logs". The file list will be refreshed in the DRM-Log Plotter
  11. Click on the adjusted log and you'll get the wanted time, date and/or frequency in the DRM-Log Plotter

Get the Web Log-Plotter for Google Interactive Charts

DRM Web LogPlotter Ver. 1.0.5
An application which creates a HTML page of the log selected in the DRM-Log Plotter and saves it in a folder in the "C:\DRMPlot" directory. Download the DRM Web-Plotter zip file, unzip it, place it anywhere (or better, in the DRMPlot directory). Start the DRM-Log Plotter, update the logs, select a log and press the "Start" button. Open the HTML with your browser to analyze the log. To add it to your web site you need to upload the files yourself with an FTP client.

The version from 2nd January 2014 works with older and newer versions of the DRM-Log Plotter.

If the DRM Web LogPlotter is used with older DRM-Log Plotter versions than the V16.18, the "Location" will be an empty line (only the latitude and longitude are present) and the value after "MSC:" will not appear.

Download the DRM Web Log-Plotter (100 kb). It is included in the ZIP package for DRM-Log Plotter Ver. 17 at the top of this page.





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