The Digital revolution has come to Shortwave Broadcasting.
The general concept to receive DRM transmissions.
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DRM Receiver Block Diagram
The Block Diagram for 455 kHz IF
This is what you need to receive DRM broadcasts on Medium and Short Wave:
  • If possible use an outdoor Antenna
  • A good Receiver with an Output Terminal for the receiver's IF Frequency
  • A Down Mixer to generate the necessary 12 kHz signal output
  • A Computer with DRM Software installed, i.e. DReaM
  • A Sound Card with a free Line or Microphone Input
  • A pair of Stereo Speakers
To achieve the best results, be sure to think about the following:
  • Keep the ground of the receiver and computer apart. Use a transformer in the 12 kHz feed to the PC.
  • A switched Power Supply can be a source of severe disturbance. Always run the power supply connected to an AC socket with earth.
  • Small power supplies with a diode bridge inside can be a source of buzzing noise too. If you can, open them and connect 0.01 uF across each of the two or four diodes.
  • Try to connect the receiver to ground if possible.
  • Stay well away from ADSL modems and electronic dimmers