DRM-Log Editor Hello and welcome

Installing the DRM-Log Editor
The DRM Log Editor 3.0.3 main window
DRM Log Editor Ver. 3.0.3

You can easily adjust the time and even the date if necessary with the DRM-Log Editor. The DreamLogLong Editor Version 3.0.3. has been tested with DRM Plotter Versions 14.06 and higher

If you for some reason need to change the

  • Date of a log or
  • Start time of a log
  • Set a new frequency if it was mistyped in Dream
  • You want to change the start time of a log which you want to run and log offline

Then the DRM Log Editor can be used to adjust these entries in a log if this should be necessary for some reason or another. An application for this can be downloaded from the download page.

The DRM Log Editor Ver. 3.0.3 has been tested with DRM-Log Plotter versions 14.06 and up. It can be used with a single log or multiple logs (up to 99 logs). If you find any problems, please send us a short e-mail with an explanation of what is unclear.

This is what you need to do, in this order:

  1. You have logged and saved a transmission and after playing it back with Dream you got the wrong start time in the txt and csv files
  2. You might have mistyped the frequency in Dream  
  3. First start the the DRM-Log Plotter
  4. Update the log(s) you have recorded with Dream and press "Show Logs"
  5. Now start the DRM Log Editor
  6. Click on "Load File"
  7. Click on the file you need to adjust in either of the lists in the Editor
  8. Adjust the time (or date, or both) or frequency
  9. Press the "Modify" button
  10. In the DRM-Log Plotter, click the button "Show Logs". The file list will be refreshed in the DRM-Log Plotter
  11. Click on the adjusted log and you'll get the wanted time, date and/or frequency in the DRM-Log Plotter

This page was last reviewed on 9th November 2021