DRM-Web Log Plotter

The DRM-Web Log Plotter for Google Charts

Webplotter Universal version
DRM Web LogPlotter Ver. 5.1.0

This app creates a HTML page of the log selected in the DRM-Log Plotter and saves it in a folder in the 'DRMPlot' directory. Download the DRM Web-Plotter zip file from the Download section, unzip it and place it in a new folder named WebPlotter anywhere in your PC (or better, in the same folder as the DRMPlot app).
First open the Web Plotter, click on 'Set-Up' and enter the path to the DRM-Log Plotter and save the path. Then start the DRM-Log Plotter, update the logs and select a log. Add comments, if any, to the log in the text field in the Web Plotter. Comments can be up to 500 characters long. If you want the log to have crosshairs, tick the 'Show crosshairs' box. Click the 'Create' button to generate the Web Log.

To open the Web Log, go to WebPlotter folder, open it and open the subfolder 'weblogpages'. Open the HTML file with your browser to see the log.

Sending a DRM-Web Log Plotter log to a web server

If you want to add the Web Log to your web site, you need to upload the files with the FTP client which is included in the app. Click on 'Server' in the Web Plotter to open the FTP Configurator.

FTP Configuration
The Web Plotter FTP Configuration form
  • Write the Server Domain in 'Send by FTP to:' i.e. 'myhomepage.com'
  • Write the FTP password in 'Password:'
  • Write the Server Directory where your logs will be uploaded to
  • (Or write the Subdirectory where the logs should be put, if any)

In case of hobbyradio.se the logs will be put in hobbyradio.se in the directory 'en' in a folder 'webplotter' in the 'en' directory.
Save these settings by clicking on the 'Done' button and close the configuration window.


If the DRM Web Log-Plotter is used with older DRM-Log Plotter versions than the V16.18, the 'Location' will be an empty line (only the latitude and longitude are present) and the value after 'MSC:' will not appear.

Now it is possible to create a log and send it to the Web by clicking the 'FTP' button.

This page was last reviewed on 10th November 2021