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The DRM-Log Plotter main window
The DRM-Log Plotter main window


DRM-Log Plotter, Version 23.2 (4th January 2021, build 23.2.18)

The plotting of xHE-AAC Audio has been improved so that the Frames are presented to scale. Unfortunately there is little or no information on how the Frame size is constructed as the Frames are dynamic, not sized 750 or 1500 like the HE-AAC logs. Any additional information on the xHE-AAC structure would be appreciated.

The download file consists of the programme app only. The zip file only contains the DRM-Log Plotter Version 23.2.18  

The correct plotting of xHE-AAC logs is only possible with logs taken with the Dream V 2.2.1x software. This is because the V 2.2.1 version has a flaw that causes the 750 Frames logs to be interpreted as xHE logs. Therefore the "xHE-AAC" flag will show up beside the frequency in the DRM-Log Plotter even when the log is an HE-AAC log. A workaround would be to use the Plotter version V 23.2.7 which has no "xHE-AAC" flag. However, the 750 Frames label may show up as 800 Frames maximum. If the xHE-AAC label pops up where it should not, just click on the label to hide it. The zip package contains the DRM-Log Plotter Version 23.2.4 and the related files.

Download the DRM-Log Plotter 23.2.4 (1 MB Zip File)

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