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DRM Web-Log Plotter

Download the DRM Web-Log Plotter

Webplotter Universal version
DRM Web LogPlotter Ver. 5.1.0

An application which creates a HTML page of the log selected in the DRM-Log Plotter and saves it in a folder in the 'DRMPlot' directory. Download the DRM Web-Plotter zip file, unzip it, place it anywhere (or better, in the DRMPlot directory). Start the DRM-Log Plotter, update the logs, select a log and press the 'Create' button. Open the HTML with your browser to analyze the log. To add it to your web site you need to upload the files yourself with an FTP client.

If the DRM Web Log-Plotter is used with older DRM-Log Plotter versions than the V16.18, the 'Location' will be an empty line (only the latitude and longitude are present) and the value after 'MSC:' will not appear.

Download the DRM Web Log-Plotter

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