A waterproof EH Antenna.
Just put it in a PET bottle.
A simple weather protection for the EH Antenna
Recycled PET mineral water bottles used for water protection

EH in a bottle!


A couple of QSOs were made with the EH L+L antenna mounted on a wooden pole on the balcony. Not with very far away stations (what can you expect on the CB band after sunset), but still, the signal went out. The SWR changed a little, perhaps in the prescence of iron in the building.

To prove that the antenna actually radiates, I rigged up an old Radiometer AFM-3 with a pickup antenna about 5 meters away from the EH Antenna. Fine tuning (without observing the SWR Meter, for once) brought a couple of extra dB on the meter. I then switched to my first prototype and got another dB radiation here too. There was no calibrated antennas in the receiving circuit, but when I compared the meter reading against a signal generator I recorded +110 dBuV. The EH Antenna radiates! No doubt about it.

This balcony has a roof, but when the weather is windy, it rains in. A simple solution is shown to the left: Simply find two empty PET bottles, cut the bottom out of the first and cut the top of the second. Drill a hole in the bottom to clear the pole diameter and place it on the 3 meter long Plica KIR-K PVC pole. Push a PVC coupling onto the EH Antenna, which will also help to keep the SO-239 in place, connect the coaxial cable to the EH Antenna, put it through the pole and mount the antenna on top the pole. Now place the upper PET bottle over the EH Antenna and push the lower bottle into the upper bottle to keep the rain out.

Revised 21st November 2021