A 27 MHz EH L+L Antenna QRP Test (without coax cable feed).
The EH L+L radiates as well without a coaxial cable feed.

A QRP test with the 27 MHz EH without feeder cable.

EH tests with the antenna placed on a wooden table on the roof terrace
There have been a lot of people who insist that the EH Antenna does not work or even say it cannot work, it is an April Fool or merely just a joke. Well, then we have those who believe or even insist that the coaxial cable is responsible for the radiation of the radio waves and that the EH Antenna is just a mis-match at the end of the cable, causing the cable to radiate like the old, accepted Herz Antennas do.

Well, my 27 MHz EH antenna is at present mounted on a 1.6 meter PVC pole on the roof terrace. I frequently enjoy Packet radio connections over a 50 km distance, even if the conditions are bad during the day with skip from all over Russia, Finland etc. When it is quiet in the evenings, I connect regularly to a Packet Radio station which is located 75 km away from my QTH.

Test with 10 mW (Impedance Bridge with 27,255 MHz built in oscillator)
10 mW oscillator
2nd EH L+L Antenna on a wooden table.
Saturday, 22nd February 2003.

Said and done! Then we wanted try out the EH Antenna without the coaxial feeder cable. With the absence of cable, how on earth can the cable that not exists, radiate!?! So I took the Impedance Bridge which has a built-in crystal controlled oscillator on Channel 23 (27,255 MHz). The RF output was adjusted to 10 mW in 50 Ohm. The EH Antenna was directly mounted on its coaxial jack. You can see the set-up on the picture to the left.

I left the oscillator on transmit, connected to a 3 Ah sealed lead accumulator via a short cable. Then I set off with the car and a portable radio to listen for the signal. At 1.7 km line of sight the signal boomed in. At 3 km there was a very strong signal in my portable CB Transceiver Zodiac P-2000. At a point 6 km away from the EH Antenna there was still a readable signal from these lousy 10 mW in the portable set.

The EH Antenna radiates! No doubt about it.

Revised 21st November 2021