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Perth Radio VK6W
Freq.: 0000 kHz
Site: Perth (AUS)
Date: 2018-10-20
All values at log start
Mode: A / 18 kHz
Bitrate: 64.26 kbps
MSC: qam
Prot. Lev.: /
Decoded Audio:
97.23 %
99.87 %
SNR values:
Max.: 24.97 dB
Min.: 15.40 dB
Average: 24.73 dB
Doppler values:
Max.: 0.00 Hz
Min.: 0.00 Hz
Average: 0.00 Hz
Delay values:
Max.: 3.00 ms
Min.: 0.23 ms
Average: 0.34 ms
0 errors in Sync (0.0 %)
3 errors in Fast Access Channel (0.13 %)
57 errors in Main Service Channel (2.46 %)
Max. SNR at 05:42 UTC
Min. SNR at 05:24 UTC
Max. Doppler at 05:50 UTC
Min. Doppler at Label71 UTC
Max. Delay at 05:23 UTC
Min. Delay at 05:48 UTC
Location: Hatorihoncho
Latitude: 3459'N
Longitude: 13820'E
Distance to TX Site: 7811 km
AZ to / from TX Site: 200 / 19 deg.
Receiver information: (Refer to the box below)
Mode (the first detected):
Runtime: 39 minutes
Software: Dream 2.1.1-svn808
Perth DRM over web. VAC settings: 16 bit 192 kHz
DRM via web from Perth. After having changed the VAC sample rate to 16 Bit / 192 kHz the DRM played nicely. The "Channel Estimation: Time Interpolation" in DReaM should be set to "Linear" for best results. This transmission was Sat Oct. 20 2018: Bitrate: 64.26 kbps EEP OPUS CELT FB STEREO. Genre: Pop music.
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