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Voice Of Nigeria
Freq.: 15120 kHz
Site: Abuya (NGA)
Date: 2016-03-13
Mode: C / 10 kHz
Bitrate: 9.10 kbps
Decoded Audio:
61.27 %
73.37 %
SNR values:
Max.: 23.87 dB
Min.: 1.80 dB
Average: 13.17 dB
Doppler values:
Max.: 5.70 Hz
Min.: 0.50 Hz
Average: 1.14 Hz
Delay values:
Max.: 4.40 ms
Min.: 0.42 ms
Average: 1.77 ms
422 errors in Sync (7.59 %)
1481 errors in Fast Access Channel (26.63 %)
2272 errors in Main Service Channel (40.85 %)
Max. SNR at 18:07 UTC
Min. SNR at 19:16 UTC
Max. Doppler at 19:15 UTC
Min. Doppler at 18:07 UTC
Max. Delay at 18:33 UTC
Min. Delay at 19:16 UTC
Logging location:
Latitude: 5925'N
Longitude: 1801'E
Distance to TX Site: 5687 km
AZ to / from TX Site: 194 / 7 deg.
Receiver information: (Refer to the box below)
Mode (the first detected): C3000 from 17:55
Runtime: 1 h 33 min
Software: Dream 1.6.1cvs
Newstar DR111 with an active external antenna and 12 kHz IF output to DReaM
100% decoded audio up until 1847 UTC, after that the Doppler increased sharply. Today I used the DR111 as a receiver with my active antenna outside and used the 12 kHz IF output to feed my PC with Dream running. Quite a good solution! (Then I don't have to worry about the DR111's hopeless clock and calendar).
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