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Freq.: 6030 kHz
Site: Beijing CHN
Date: 2018-08-31
All values at log start
Mode: B / 10 kHz
Bitrate: 17 kbps
Prot. Lev.: 0 / 0
Decoded Audio:
11.97 %
73.13 %
SNR values:
Max.: 26.00 dB
Min.: 2.00 dB
Average: 9.58 dB
Doppler values:
Max.: 6.72 Hz
Min.: 0.32 Hz
Average: 1.44 Hz
Delay values:
Max.: 5.50 ms
Min.: 0.33 ms
Average: 4.23 ms
272 errors in Sync (2.24 %)
3256 errors in Fast Access Channel (26.87 %)
10989 errors in Main Service Channel (90.68 %)
Max. SNR at 12:22 UTC
Min. SNR at 13:10 UTC
Max. Doppler at 12:08 UTC
Min. Doppler at 12:22 UTC
Max. Delay at 13:49 UTC
Min. Delay at 11:30 UTC
Location: Shizuoka City
Latitude: 3500'N
Longitude: 13817'E
Distance to TX Site: 1997 km
AZ to / from TX Site: 292 / 99 deg.
Receiver information: (Refer to the box below)
Mode (the first detected): B0000 from 10:31
Runtime: 3 h 22 min
Software: GR216 1.4
Gospell GR-216 with an external active antenna
Voice Of China with a regular broadcast aimed for China logged for 202 minutes from 1027-1350 UTC. Max.26 dB SNR and 11,97% decoded audio. They did not change the Label, this was caused by GR-216 for some reason. The ANSI code (Notepad) was the same as last night but a test this morning with DReaM proved that the Label was the same as always.
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