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Freq.: 7410 kHz
Site: Kranji (SGP)
Date: 2017-03-07
All values at log start
Mode: ? / ?? kHz
Bitrate: (Missing)
MSC: qam
Prot. Lev.: /
Decoded Audio:
0.00 %
5.16 %
SNR values:
Max.: 11.06 dB
Min.: 0.64 dB
Average: 0.60 dB
Doppler values:
Max.: 2.70 Hz
Min.: 0.82 Hz
Average: 0.15 Hz
Delay values:
Max.: 4.72 ms
Min.: 0.10 ms
Average: 0.34 ms
2051 errors in Sync (83.92 %)
2318 errors in Fast Access Channel (94.84 %)
2444 errors in Main Service Channel (100.0 %)
Max. SNR at 09:43 UTC
Min. SNR at 09:47 UTC
Max. Doppler at 09:47 UTC
Min. Doppler at 09:43 UTC
Max. Delay at 09:41 UTC
Min. Delay at 09:47 UTC
Logging location:
Latitude: 3500'N
Longitude: 13817'E
Distance to TX Site: 5172 km
AZ to / from TX Site: 231 / 40 deg.
Receiver information: (Refer to the box below)
Mode (the first detected):
Runtime: 41 minutes
Software: Dream 1.7.9cvs
National RF-B60, 50 cm active antenna, S042P mixer and HP Pavilion 2.3 GHz.
On the 7th March 2017 there was a DRM transmission by Babcock International on 7410 kHz from Kranji in Singapore from 1700-1800 local time (UTC +8). The transmission was intended for the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union Digital Symposium 6th to 9th March in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I tried to monitor the transmission, but then left the receiver unattended. Some traces were received in my location in Japan although I am not in the target area.
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