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Freq.: 7550 kHz
Site: Bengaluru (IND)
Date: 2015-12-05
Mode: B / 10 kHz
Bitrate: 8.72 kbps
Decoded Audio:
83.19 %
99.98 %
SNR values:
Max.: 29.65 dB
Min.: 11.10 dB
Average: 23.08 dB
Doppler values:
Max.: 1.70 Hz
Min.: 0.39 Hz
Average: 0.86 Hz
Delay values:
Max.: 8.10 ms
Min.: 2.87 ms
Average: 5.61 ms
0 errors in Sync (0.0 %)
2 errors in Fast Access Channel (0.02 %)
2047 errors in Main Service Channel (22.79 %)
Max. SNR at 21:48 UTC
Min. SNR at 22:18 UTC
Max. Doppler at 20:41 UTC
Min. Doppler at 22:29 UTC
Max. Delay at 22:06 UTC
Min. Delay at 20:05 UTC
Logging location:
Latitude: 5925'N
Longitude: 1801'E
Distance to TX Site: 7049 km
AZ to / from TX Site: 110 / 331 deg.
Receiver information: (Refer to the box below)
Mode (the first detected): B0130 from 20:00
Second mode detected: B0010 from 20:55
Runtime: 2 h 30 min
Software: Dream 1.6.1cvs
Yaesu FRG 7700, 70 cm active antenna and Dual Core Pentium 2.7 GHz
There were three audio channels on 7550 kHz tonight, GOS-IV, FRENCH and TEST MUSIC (the last one without sound). At 2130 UTC they had switched back to two audio channels, MAIN channel (8.72 kbps) and SECOND channel (8.64 kbps). The decoding became perfect from this point. Looking at the log it seems like transmitting three services reduces the decoding considerably. From 2150 UTC the log was unattended.
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